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5 Ways To Live And Survive In Life Without Money

Living without money is not easy. You have to really care and also give up some things. You will give up the comfort to buy what you desire. Instead you’ll get another lifestyle: one in which you’ll be happy with what you have. You really embark on an exploration by living this way. Here are some good tips for simply reducing dependence on money.


1. Do your research

Is it possible to live without money? How to live without needing money? The are other people who are living without money and they are surviving. Read about them and find more inspiration.

2. Reducing your spending

Making the decision to live without spending money is life-changing, particularly if you are living with and/or supporting others. You may find it helpful to start small and go for a week or month without spending money to see if the cash-free life is for you.

3. Evaluate your needs

If you’re a single person, living without money will be much easier to manage than if you have a family. Because living cash-free is a huge commitment, you will want to make sure that your essential needs can still be met without money.

4. Live a simple life

Find or build a home that functions with solar, wind, or other renewable power. Use well water or a local stream for water. Install a composting toilet: it will save water, help the environment, and produce “humanure” for vegetable gardens.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Many cooperative communities exist with shared accommodation and shared goals and ideals. They may be called “intentional communities,” “communes,” “co-ops,” “ecovillages” or “cohousing.” You may be able to barter skills or food for your housing and support. You can find more information about these communities online.

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