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Twitter Reacts To Tshepi Vundla’s Apology Over Old Tweets

Twitter Reacts To Tshepi Vundla’s Apology Over Old Tweets. When you are in the same predicament as Tshepi Vundla you don’t really know whether it is wise to issue an apology or not. Your silence over the issue can be translated as being arrogant, and also, when you decide to apologize, people are going to scrutinize every word you uttered.

Tshepi found herself in a hot soup when a clip of her bashing women who financially depend on men emerged. The social media influencer and celebrity stylists, said women should be the one spoiling themselves, or at least ask assistance from their parents than expecting men to maintain them. Social media users even went to the extend of digging out her old tweets, where she was mean to fat people. This led Tshepi to deactivate her account as all of this was too much.

This morning she opened up her Twitter account and released a statement in which she apologized for anything that transpired. Tshepi acknowledges that her past tweets were mean and demeaning, thus there is no excuse for them. As now she is a gown woman with responsibilities, Tshepi said she has learned so many lessons, including kindness and empathy.

Speaking about her views on the podcast, Tshepi apologized to those who took offense, stating that it was not her intentions to hurt them. She blamed her poor choice of words, for how the whole thing turned out. Tshepi concluded her apology by promising to do better in future.


As expected her apology was received differently by social media users across Twitter. Some feel, she did what needed to be done, whereas there are those who are not feeling Tshepi’s apology.

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