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Twitter Weighs In On Tshepi Vundla’s Views That Women Should Provide for Themselves

Twitter Weighs In On Tshepi Vundla’s Views That Women Should Provide for Themselves. From way back it has been made a norm that men should provide, and women should take care of the household. The man will go out and work, while the woman stays behind to take care of the house chores as well as the kids if they are there. Also in a relationship, the man is normally the one who buys gifts or give money to their partner as a way of showing them love.

Times have changed though as a lot of women are becoming financially independent, and some bring a better pay cheque to the household than the men. And some men out there clean, cook and do chores that were reserved for the other gender. As much as the way we do things change, some of the practices we are used to will take time for us to do away with.

At the beginning of September this issue of women depending on men for financial assistance was discussed on the season finale of On The Table podcast. The guest on the day was social media influencer and celebrity stylist Tshepi Vundla. Just like the rest of the panel, Tshepi encouraged women to take care of themselves financially. She bashed all those women who want men to buy them nice things, when they are not bringing anything to the table.

Her views were received differently by social media users. Ladies mostly feel that Tshepi and the other ladies on the panel were attacking women. Although she is being dragged on Twitter, there are some tweeps who agree with Tshepi, that women should now start taking care of themselves.

Check out the full episode below;

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