Check Out These 10 Tips To Help Manage Your Stress During Matric Exam Days

Check Out These 10 Tips To Help Manage Your Stress During Matric Exam Days. In just a few days time, 2020 matriculants will be sitting for their final year examination. Almost everyone feels nervous or experiences some anxiety when faced with an exam. The following tips will definitely help your exam days to go smoothly.

1. Be Prepared

An organized person is always a confident person.Work out what you need to take with you on exam day and organize this the night before. Wear a proper uniform, and do not forget that mask.

2. You Are What You Eat

Food plays a very important part on our overall well being. Make sure you eat right before your exam. Eat a good, light breakfast, this will help with energy and concentration.

3. Rest

For your body’s best performance, make sure you’re getting 8/9 hours of sleep, enough slow-release carbs, less caffeine and more water, and at least half an hour of exercise per day.

4. Pace Yourself Through Panic

Panicking before, during or even after an exam is common. If you experience it at any point, take six deep breaths, hydrate yourself, and then go back the problem at hand, being sure to break it down into several, manageable chunks.

5. Don’t Ignore Instructions

Following instructions, will help you answer the questions in the best way possible. Read through the exam paper carefully. Underline key words and instructions. Work out how long you have for each question or section.

6. Be Smart With How You Answer Questions

Aim to have time to re-read answers through and to make any changes. Tackle the questions you find easy first. This will help build up your confidence for the harder. You will save time.

7. Be Realistic

Being realistic, whether you have several weeks, days or hours before your exam, helps you to put everything into perspective. Acceptance of your situation and working within the realms of what you have maximizes your productivity without the risk of burning yourself out.

8. Commit to Your Well-being

Writing your matric exams will probably rate as one of the most stressful experiences of your life. This is normal, however it also means that there’s no better time to remember to care deeply and well about yourself.

9. Talk To Someone

Asking for help is never shameful. In the most extreme cases, it can help save a life. When struggling, talk to friends, family, or your personal tutor about how you are feeling. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to seek professional help and support

10. Believe In Yourself

When being constantly faced with new challenges, we often forget to look back at how far we have come and how much we have already achieved. Given that you have prepared well, there should be no reason for you to worry. Therefore, when experiencing a negative thought, try to replace it with a positive one

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