5 Perfect Colors To Wear This Winter

5 Perfect Colors To Wear This Winter. Every season has it’s own fashion trends and winter is no exception. Color is the most aspect of fitting in with the trends. Although the weather is gloomy for the most part, it doesn’t mean a person has to be all dull. The following colors will help you be the brightest thing as you step out in the cold.

Military Green

There is nothing as cool as a person stepping out in military inspired clothes. Variations such as hunter green or emerald have become more popular colors for different articles of clothing, ranging from puffy winter jackets to jeans. This color is also easy to match with.


The next best color is gray. Gray is the new black, and can be seen in clothing for every single season, and winter is no exception. It’s a comfort color that isn’t too light but still isn’t too dark, so you won’t feel like you’re hibernating all winter long.


Burgundy is a great color for winter. It’s a dark enough version of red where you won’t totally stand out, but still adds a little color to the bleak environment. This wine color is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe or beauty routine.


If you like hibernating in dark colors throughout the winter months and think burgundy is a too much for you, then purple is your new best friend. This purple color is a darker alternative to the wine red color, and is a unique color to incorporate into your wardrobe this winter.


Navy is a beautiful winter color. Dark as it is, it’s easy to match with. Variations of dark blue have also become more common in the winter season, as more people feel like it is time to branch out from black. And, while wearing navy and black together was once forbidden in the fashion world, it has started to become acceptable to break this rule.

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