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Diva Stole My Look! Khosi Twala Vs Yvonne: Who Rocked It Best?

Diva Stole My Look! Khosi Twala Vs Yvonne: Who Rocked It Best? Having a best friend that you slay with is such a cool flex. Khosi Twala and Yvonne never miss when it comes to fashion, probably one of the reasons the two are so close.


Every time Yvonne hits Mzansi shores, she and Khosi meet up. The two reality show stars then step out, rocking some of the sexiest and fashion forward outfits. One other thing about them, is that they have the same taste. Well, with bodies like that, who can blame them, if they gravitate towards the same style! How cool is is though, that in different countries, at different events, not even in the same year, Khosi and Twala rocked the same outfit!

In October 2023, Yvonne attended the Big Brother Nigeria All Stars party. She took everyone’s breath away with her navy blue suit dress with silver sequins all over. Withe the outfit, she brought the perfect blend of party-ready and elegance to the party. A few days back her bestie Khosi, rocked the outfit, but styled it differently. Khosi wore it at the SA Fashion Week, which was themed New York Night. She rocked a white shirt inside the suit dress, and made a bold fashion statement with some black and white shades.

Well, the two ladies showed us how to rock one outfit, in different ways. Having stated that, you are free to choose your fighter, the one who does it for you.



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