9 Habits of Successful People

Whatever field you’re in, you want to do well in it and succeed. No one wants to live a mediocre life where they barely make it every month. We all want to live to inspire others and have everything we’ve dreamt of. To get you thinking right here’s a list of the habits of successful people:

They have direction – They act with purpose, everything they do is for a reason and has an end plan. This includes even the smallest things. Their daily actions are aligned with their long term goals.


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They grow and change over time – They are open minded and are willing to try different things. Things evolve with time and so do they. They adapt to these changing conditions and make it work to their benefit.

They focus on big wins- They are careful of how they spend money and to what they direct it towards. They develop smart habits and pay attention to small things because they make a difference. They understand that if they are diligent with big money, then the smaller things will take care of themselves.

They do what’s difficult –They don’t procrastinate, they work longer hours, harder and smarter. They are willing to let go of small comforts because they know they will be worth it in the long run.

They surround themselves with positive people – They avoid negativity because what drives them is the constant positive attitude they have. Instead of hearing why it cannot be done, they would rather spend time making it happen.

They ignore the opinions of others – Society decides what’s hot and not, while a successful person would rather be more productive with their own trends and ideas and make their own set of rules aside from the influence of mass-media.


businessman and many clockThey manage their time – They set priorities and make sure that they make each minute count. In the business world, the more you do the more money you make. Successful people live by this rule.


They are influential – Where ever they go they seek to better other people. This shows that they are not greedy and are aware of their surroundings and their social responsibility.



persistanceThey are persistent – Most people don’t succeed because after their first try, (which in most cases fails) the think it cannot be done. Successful people got to where they are by trying not twice or three times but they tried till it happened.


Mbali Radebe

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