DJ Sbu On Why He Doesn’t Easily Get Into Business With People

DJ Sbu On Why He Doesn’t Easily Get Into Business With People. He is one of the smartest entrepreneurs this country has ever produced. Take for example his Mo Faya, business, it is one brand that has positioned itself very well in the beverage market. From personally selling in that streets to using social media platforms to his advantage, DJ Sbu‘s marketing skills are out of this world.

It goes without saying that given the chance, everyone would love to do business with him. Whatever that DJ Sbu touches turns into Gold. The veteran media personality, music mogul and entrepreneur, is also known for always coming through for others. DJ Sbu shares business tips, and also give upcoming business owners a platform to sell their products and services.

However, when it comes to collaborations and, DJ Sbu is extra careful. His reasons for not trusting a lot of people out there is that they are liars. Sbu stated that people are not always what they pretend to be, hence he doesn’t trust anyone.

I don’t easily trust people. That’s why I don’t easily get into business with people. Johustleburg is full of liars. No matter how sweet & believable they can sound or how swarve & professional they can look? I don’t trust anyone! Banamanga abantu la ngaphandle. Be wise! Phaphama,” DJ Sbu warned.

Taking the discussion further on Facebook, DJ Sbu describes himself as a man who achieves anything he sets out to do. Because results often take time to show, he advised those going into business with him to be ready for a Roller-coaster ride. But nonetheless, when you are working with him, you are definitely in the winning team

“BTW way you don’t want to be my competition rather my team, because you are definitely going to dislike me. I am going to make sure you hate me. I never quit until I win. My work ethic is sickening. My consistency is impeccable. My approach is unusual. My delivery is uncommon. My track record speak for itself. My achievements are unbelievable for a 42 year old. It’s like I’ve lived 5 lifetimes. I’m not just a legend. I’m not going to just become your ordinary icon.I’m the greatest to have ever done this and I multiply every year. Definitely already in the history books forever to be spoken about, studied and made case studies of for generations to come. That’s me. Who are you?” Sbu said.

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