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Simphiwe Dana Apologizes For Her Twitter Rage On Mnakwethu and Saying Musa Mseleku Has A Tiny D!ck Syndrome

Simphiwe Dana Apologizes After Her Twitter Rage On Polygamy and Saying Musa Mseleku Has A Tiny D!ck Syndrome. With each and every episode, Mnakwethu leaves viewers debating on polygamy.

Mnakwethu is presented by polygamist Musa Mseleku who has four wives. On the show husbands take their potential second wives to their wives accompanied by Mseleku.

This has not set well with many viewers who feel the practice is not fair on women. One of those who aired their views publicly is Simphiwe Dana. She went on a Twitter rage slamming the show, insulting Mseleku and anyone who defended him.

After sleeping on the issue, Simphiwe shares a different perspective. Although she still stands her ground on polygamy, Simphiwe has apologized for her choice of words.

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