10 Important Factors To Consider Before Changing Jobs

10 Important Factors To Consider Before Changing Jobs. At some point everyone is tempted to switch jobs. A prospective employer can woo you with a higher hourly wage or annual salary. You daydream about buying a new car or taking a much-needed vacation. Before jumping ship, consider the following factors.

1. Transition

Transitioning from one career to another takes time, and there are challenges associated with starting over again toward the bottom of a professional track. A move like this takes some real self-confidence. Are you prepared to start all over again in a new career?

2. Salary

You need to be very careful when comparing the salary numbers between existing versus what is offered by the new company. One more important fact is to look at the benefits and add them to the salary to arrive at a final comparison picture.

3. Skills

Do you have the professional skills that this new career requires? Do some research to determine what skills are in demand within the new industry. Check job boards and company websites to see the job descriptions and desired skills listed there.

4. Location

Some career changes require a move. Think carefully about this factor before committing to jumping in. Would you be willing to move for a new job? Would that move work for the other members of your family? How could it impact a partner’s career, for example?

5. Future Growth

It’s very important for you to understand the growth opportunities in the new job. You also need to ensure that it’s aligned to your personal needs before accepting the new offer.

6. Work Culture

Different organizations have different work cultures and it’s better to understand the work culture and check whether one is comfortable working in such a culture before accepting the role. Only join companies that have a work culture that you feel comfortable with

7. Your Lifestyle

You have to consider if your new commute be more time-consuming or expensive than your old one. Also your new job has to fit into your lifestyle, and not interfere with more important commitments or priorities in your life.

8. Your Age

Your age is a factor that you ought to consider if you’re thinking about changing careers. It’s not that it’s ever too late to make a change, it’s just that there are different considerations to weigh at different stages of life.

9. Affordability

Ask yourself whether or not you have the money to cover any training or education that could be required. Can you afford the financial hit that could come as a result of the transition? What are your longer-term financial goals and how might this change impact them?

10. Notice Period

Some organizations now have three or more months of the notice period, so when you are looking for a job you will find that the new organization is not ready to roll out an offer to you because they cannot wait for three months (or more) for you to join.

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