Poetry: Life goes on By Nthabiseng Kgoronyane


You dismissed me like a king would to a slave,
Yet l made you the king.
I stood by you even when the world
Could not understand my ways.
Yet you walked right out of my palms the first chance you got.
I wondered if I had been too much of a fool
To fool myself into believing you believed in me too.

I sit watching the walls,
Scribbling invisible writings because am afraid
They might hurt someone if visible.
I care too much what you think,
I think that’s my problem.
I respect much the worth you are if
Only you could figure it out too.

I waltzed through storms with you,
Eyes to eyes, fingers to open spaces between another strangers hand
Yet today the very same hand has grown cold.
When the sun came out so did your arrogance.
As l stand opposite a stranger l thought l knew,
I understand the depth of the knife l had stabbed myself with.
It’s not you l must forgive but myself.

The times you felt you stood no chance in the world,
I shared the key to my world with you,
Now you changed the locks and locked me outside.
As l watch the stranger l used to know walk away
I know you were never meant to stay,
You always had your heart to the road.
I took a deep breath, exhaled all my expectations.
In the world l never thought l will find a space in
I fitted in perfectly with the rest that believes
Life goes on.

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