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I don’t want any other man except Him!

Pls hide my ID and pls post it as soon as possible m 16 years old i know i shuld nt be on this page But m confused. A man of 31 by then started showing me blu film on his phone When i Was 11 When i Was 12 he started teasing telling me that he whats to kiss and romance me me But befor he taesed me he Was teasing my sister that Was 15. At 13 he started kissing and romance ing. Me. And from ther i started loving Him and When i got to the age of 14 i wanted to show Him how much i love Him Nd i told Him to take my virginity, and he did. But i dident know he Was married In Nigeria ,
and that he had a girl friend in this country we live. I asked Him he said no that he is not married and that he dosent have a girl friend. But later i found out that he Was married, But he kept on doing is not. After Then he went to prison for nine months i missed Him so much. But Then i conferma that he has left his wife for that girl friend he had. And now he is now married to her. It pains me so much Because i dont whant any other man execept Him. So i called Him Nd told Him that i cant froget Him . And 1 DAy he called me and told me to come to his house and he. Made love to me and from that DAy he call s me from time to to come to his house to have sex whit Him. What makes Confused now is,
those he love??? If he dosent When he sees me talking to another man y does he get jelous? But he told me that i can get my self a boy friend Then y does he get jelouse?? And his new wife thats older than she is 40 is the 1 taking care of Him ?? If he lover her. Y does he call me to make love to me When she Goes to work?? I feel guilty Because his
new. Wife love s me like her daughter. But she dosent know that i sleep whit her husband. But i
have tried to froget Him beccasse i know that what i do is roung, because m 16 n he is 36 But m love whit Him i have never had sex whit any other man But Him , and his wife is capable to pour acid on me if she finds out because. She is desprate. What can i do??? Help me m confused

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