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I Am Confused Whether He Loves Me Or Not.

Hey evryone I m 17yrs old gul nd gonna become 18dis yr ..I m studying diploma der is a guy in ma college whom I love frm past 1yr…I meet him in college nd saw him on d first dae it was love at first sight…he is a vry simple guy d way I wanted nd he wants a gf after he completes his studies nd also v belong to same religion ..after 3months he came to know tht I love him of his frnds who knew me told to him tht I love him after hearing tht he got angry and said tht he doesn’t lyk me nd started behaving rudely wid me still I was being gud to him..d probs of dis guy he doesn’t talk much wid guls..quite serious type but I didn’t know y he was angry at me …he was vry rude wid me …later on after 6months I came to know tht he secretly loves me but shows hatred …he told to his frnd tht he wll propose me on d last dae of college… For tht I hve to w8…evn after being rude to me I was talking politely to him so he changed well he told dis to his frnds nd his frnds told me abt it but I m nt sure whether he lykws me or nt coz he told tht he loves me in front of his frnds…how wll I confirm it he doesn’t talk much wid me coz he is a bit shy he is so much shy tht evn if I sit next to him he wll get up frm tht place I don’t know whether it is his hatred or love but he keeps on staring me in lecture…I don’t know wht to do shuld I w8 till ma colg get over so tht he could propose me on last dae or shuld I leave him???I m confused its nt easy to forget I love him more than myself he is precious to me I can’t stay a day widout seeing him in college…wht shuld I do ?I want to tell him tht I love him but I m scared he wll get angry on me …i think maybe his frnds r lieing to me god knows I m confused whether he loves me or nt?

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