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10 Smart Ways to Attract Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel

10 Smart Ways to Attract Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel. A lot of people have YouTube channels now. Although the market is a bit congested, you can still get many subscribers to your channel. Here is how;

1. Use Social Media

Use your social media accounts to share your content with your friends and family. You can also post your videos in different groups to expand your reach and don’t forget to make your content sharable.If you have a blog, post your videos on there as well. It only makes sense to reach out to a community that is already interested in your content.

2. Allow Embedding

Make sure your YouTube videos allow embedding so that your viewers are free to share them on their own social media and blogs.

3. Engage With Your Community

If people are taking the time to watch your video and comment, you should also take the time of day to reply. When you take the time to engage in authentic, meaningful and thoughtful conversation with your viewers, it builds a real relationship with them.

4. Create A Video Series

Sometimes, the easiest answers to how to grow on YouTube are staring us right in the face. Creating a YouTube playlist is a great way to increase session time. Once one video has finished playing, the next one begins automatically and consequently, the audience is more likely to stick around for longer.

5. Transcribe Your Videos

You can easily transcribe your video through transcription software since it can help to make your content accessible to all types of users. Transcripts can also be converted into subtitles which can further improve the user experience.

 6. Add Tags

Adding tags to your video is a helpful addition to the optimization process and can help more people find your videos. You can use to quickly generate a large list of tags by simply inputting my video’s title.

7. Select Good Titles

TubeBuddy is a Google Chrome Extension application that you can download and use to help optimize all of your YouTube videos and channel. TubeBuddy shows you what each title is scoring on the YouTube search algorithm so you can select the best possible title that will reach the most amount of people. 

8. Do Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. Doing a giveaway on your channel is a sure-fire way of gaining a lot of new subscribers in a short amount of time. You can set the criteria for what people need to do, but something along the lines of them subscribing to the channel, liking the video and leaving a comment saying why they should win.

9. Look Into Collaborating

When looking at how to make a successful YouTube channel, collaborating with other YouTubers is a solid way to grow because it effectively doubles your audience. Whoever you choose to collaborate with, they’ll be bringing their audience members with them and exposing their viewers to your content.

10. Live Stream

Live streaming can drive an awesome engagement to your channel and community, while also feeding people in a live-time format. You can use OBS to stream and to schedule the streams. After each stream, trim the video so when people watch the uploaded stream it doesn’t start at the 5-minute countdown, but instead right when I start my message. This allows more people to see the video and to stay on the video instead of instantly clicking off or trying to find the beginning of the message themselves.

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