Cheapest Monthly WhatsApp Bundles Offered by Mobile Networks in South Africa

WhatsApp is an essential communication tool in South Africa, and mobile networks have responded by offering a variety of affordable monthly bundles. These bundles cater to different usage needs and budgets, ensuring everyone can stay connected without worrying about excessive data costs. Here’s a breakdown of the cheapest monthly WhatsApp bundles provided by the major mobile networks in South Africa:


  • 1.2GB WhatsApp Bundle for R37: MTN’s offering is a strong contender, providing a generous 1.2GB of WhatsApp data for just R37. This bundle is ideal for users who frequently use WhatsApp for messaging, voice calls, video calls, and media sharing.


  • 1.2GB WhatsApp Bundle for R37: Vodacom matches MTN with an identical package, offering 1.2GB of data for WhatsApp usage at R37 per month. This bundle ensures seamless communication and media sharing on WhatsApp.

Telkom Mobile

  • 750MB WhatsApp Bundle for R30: This bundle is perfect for users with moderate WhatsApp needs, offering 750MB of data for R30 per month. It’s an affordable option for those who primarily use WhatsApp for messaging and occasional calls.
  • 1.5GB WhatsApp Bundle for R40: For heavier WhatsApp users, Telkom Mobile provides a 1.5GB bundle at R40 per month. This package supports extensive usage, including frequent media sharing and video calls.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Bundle for R100: For users who want to eliminate data worries altogether, Telkom Mobile offers an unlimited WhatsApp bundle for R100 per month. This plan guarantees unlimited access to all WhatsApp features without data constraints.

Cell C

  • 1GB WhatsApp Bundle for R29: Cell C offers one of the most affordable options, providing 1GB of WhatsApp data for only R29 per month. This bundle is suitable for regular users who engage in messaging, voice calls, and media sharing.

FNB Connect

  • 250MB WhatsApp Bundle for R12: The most budget-friendly option on the market, FNB Connect’s 250MB bundle costs just R12 per month. This plan is best for light users who primarily use WhatsApp for text messaging.
  • 1GB WhatsApp Bundle for R35: For those needing more data, FNB Connect offers 1GB of WhatsApp data for R35 per month, which is still quite affordable and supports a variety of WhatsApp activities.

South African mobile networks provide a range of cost-effective WhatsApp bundles to suit different usage patterns and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a small, budget-friendly bundle or an unlimited plan, there’s an option for everyone. MTN and Vodacom offer competitive 1.2GB bundles for R37, while Telkom Mobile and Cell C provide varied choices to cater to different needs. FNB Connect stands out with its ultra-cheap 250MB bundle for light users. These bundles ensure that South Africans can stay connected on WhatsApp without worrying about high data costs.

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