Charges Against Dr Matthew Lani Dropped and Here Is Why

Charges Against Dr Matthew Lani Dropped and Here Is Why. When people say social media is not real life, best believe them. After everything that Dr Matthew Lani shared on social media about him being a medical practitioner, he walks scot free.

Despite all the evidence against him, Matthew still maintained that he was a doctor, and continued with his usual content online. On Sunday though, his luck ran out as he got arrested by private security personnel. According to a media statement by Gauteng Provence Department of Health , Matthew was arrested at Helen Joseph Hospital. He was apprehended while entering the main entrance of the facility.

He disguised with a hoodie, and surgical, mask but sadly for him, he still got nabbed. Being the smooth man he is, Matthew tried to escape through after asking to use the toilet. He was caught once again and handed to the police by the security personnel.

In a shocking turn of events, Matthew is now a free man. He made his first court appearance at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, Tuesday morning. The TikTok doctor, was walking on crutches, which left many with questions. He however did not set foot in the dock as the matter was not placed on the court roll, after consultations between his lawyer and prosecutors.

A charge of impersonating a medical doctor was withdrawn against “Dr” Matthew. The court found that there is no case as he did not commit any crime. His lawyer, Dumisani Mabunda, said they are confident the matter will not be reinstated.

Addressing the media outside court, Lani admitted that he was not a doctor. He stated that his online persona was purely for entertainment. Will he go live today? Will he still continue with his usual content/ We remain to see.

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