Bogus Dr Matthew Lani Arrested

Bogus Dr Matthew Lani Arrested. When many South Africans were in great spirits celebrating Springboks win, Dr Matthew Lani was going through the most. The fake doctor was apprehended by security personnel at Helen Joseph Hospital on Sunday.

Despite all the evidence that has been shared by various organizations against him, Matthew still stood by his word that he was a doctor. For over two years, he got away with pretending that he was a qualified medical practitioner. The famous TikToker shared videos of himself in hospital with a stethoscope around his neck. He also shared medical advice and tip on social media.

Matthew’s story of how he earned his qualifications did not add up though. Social media users thus took it upon themselves to investigate. He mentioned he skipped grades, and associated himself with institutions like Cambridge International College and Wits University. Both institutions denied having him in their records.

The Gauteng Department of Education also revealed that there is no record of Matric certificate for the bogus doctor. According to their official records, an individual by the name Matthew Lani was enrolled at Bordelaux Primary School in Randburg in 2007. He was then referred to Gresswold Learners with Special Need School in Kew, in 2010.

Matthew still maintained that he was a doctor, and continued with his usual content online. On Sunday though, his luck ran out as he got arrested by private security personnel. According to a media statement by Gauteng Provence Department of Health , Matthew was arrested at Helen Joseph Hospital. He was apprehended while entering the main entrance of the facility.

He disguised with a hoodie, and surgical, mask but sadly for him, he still got nabbed. Mathew was handed to the police by the security personnel.

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