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Letoya Makhene Spits Fire After Her Baby Daddy and His Family Threatened to Sue Her

Letoya Makhene Spits Fire After Her Baby Daddy and His Family Threatened to Sue Her. Over the past couple of days, Letoya Makhene has been feeding her social media followers tea, about what is currently happening in her life.

Letoya has a son with Tshepo Leeuw Tshikovhi, a man she dated a couple of years back. They are no longer an item, and now do not see eye to eye. A few days ago, Letoya revealed that, she and her wife Lebo Kheshwa were assaulted by Tshepo and his family, after they refused to accept what he had to offer as maintenance. She revealed that Tshepo brought some noodles and a variety of a few fruits, and on top of everything else, he owes her some money after taking a loan from her.

The talented actress also added that Tshepo’s mom instructed her son in a video to go and get an axe to hack Lebo. She further went on to say she supported her baby daddy who was unemployed for three years, in the four years they were together.

The family has hit back, and want to sue Letoya for defamation of character. She has welcomed their threats with open arms, and went on to dish out information on the kind of life she lived while she was still with Tshepo.

“Bare they are going to sue me for defamation of character… let them go wild. Exactly which characters are they suing for…..This Tshepo Leeuw Tshikovhi guy was literally employed for over a year in the four years we were together. I can’t even begin to tell you guys the financial shit this guy put me into😭😭😭. Me and my humbleness and at this stage should I say stupidity, I decided I’m not going to kick a horse when it’s down and I will stand by him. Biggest mistake EVER, Letoya said.

“I would wake up at 5am to go to work and take my kids to school and come back home at 7pm. This man would just sleep and do drugs the whole day. Instead of his mother Nana Tshikovhi helping with rent and contribute towards her son, she bought him a car and would bring 8 chicken pieces a month to feed her greedy son who did nothing but eat my kids food.”

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