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Letoya Makhene Accuses Her Baby Daddy and His Family of Assault

Letoya Makhene Accuses Her Baby Daddy and His Family of Assault. They were one of the most beautiful celeb couples ever. Letoya Makhene and Tshepo Leeuw served all kinds of couple goals from epic baecations to putting their kids first.

Sadly for their fans, the two split and went their separate ways. Letoya went on to date another woman, Lebo Keshwa and the two got married in December 2020. Since the award winning singer and her businesswoman partner announced their relationship, they have been smashing every kind of goals. They travel together, support each other’s careers and have a beautiful family.

As much as she has moved on, it looks like Letoya’s past relationship with Tshepo is still haunting her. The exes have a son, and it co-parenting has presented some challenges. According to Letoya, she and her wife Lebo were assaulted by Tshepo and his family, after they refused to accept what he had to offer as maintenance. She revealed that Tshepo brought some noodles and a variety of a few fruits, and on top of everything else, he owes her some money after taking a loan from her.

Yes what you’ve all read in the Daily Sun today is true. My ex Tshepo Leeuw and his family assaulted me and my wife Lebo Makhene-Pulumo because she refused to take a plastic bag that he was sending my son home with consisting of; 5 pack noodles, 5 apples, 5 pears, 5 bananas and a box of tinkies🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. He lies and claims he’s supporting my son and he’s not. If anything he took a loan from me and owes me money. He hasn’t paid one cent for our child ever since he was born🙄🙄🙄,” Letoya said.

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