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Penny Lebyane Addresses her Cyber Bullies

Penny Lebyane Addresses her Cyber Bullies. A couple of days ago, Penny Lebyane was dragged after she shared her take on the R22m flag proposed by Arts and Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa. When a lot of social media users could not make sense of the government’s plans to erect a flag of that cost, Penny had a completely different view.

The veteran media personality argued that the very same people bashing the minister are fans of expensive international monuments such as The Eiffel Towers, the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer. Immediately after she laid her facts down, Penny was told off by tweeps, among those Robert Marawa. The celebrated sportscaster also presented Penny with some literature to read about the monuments she based her reasoning on.

As much as she was grilled to the filth, Penny did not fold and continued tweeting on the issue. It got to a point where she had to also defend herself as a person, because now cyber bullies were coming for her. From that time until now she has been tweeting about standing her ground and sadly the responses haven’t been too friendly.

On her latest tweet on cyber bullying, Penny stated that she will not be bullied for whatever reason. She further pointed out that she is OK with not being liked, but she won’t take it when her person-hood is insulted just for clout, more so in cases people don’t agree with her. It is not clear however, if Penny is still referring to the R22m flag issue, or she is speaking about things in general.

I will not be #Bullied or #CyberBullied for whatever reason. U don’t have to like me l’m not money but u’ll never insult my personhood for clout cause l don’t agree with u especially with trumped up information” Penny said.

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