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Nokuthula Mavuso Details How Being on TV Made It Difficult for Her to Report Abuse

Nokuthula Mavuso Details How Being on TV Made It Difficult for Her to Report Abuse. Reporting or speaking out about any form of abuse is a difficult task for victims. Many manage to speak years after the incident(s) took place, whereas others take the secret with them to the grave. A lot of factors, like shame, fear, the justice system are the reasons victims find it not easy to say anything.

Social media is currently going abuzz with issues of gender based violence. This come after Jub Jub’s interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, where he said some unsavory things about some female personalities. He started off by saying he once dated Amada du-Pont for three years, and had to break up because his baby Mama, Kelly Khumalo used muthi to lure him into a relationship with her. Amanda then did a video, in which she claimed Jub Jub used to rape and physically abused her. She then asked for legal help from any attorney who could avail themselves.

Another celebrity also shared how she was sexually abused by Jub Jub. Masechaba Khumalo, stated that she believed Amanda, and also revealed that the Uyajola 9/9 once raped her, back in the day in his mother’s house, while they were still dating. These revelations have triggered a lot of people who shared horrendous stories of their encounter with Jub Jub and her mother, Mama Jackie.

While some wonder why victims of abuse take a long time to share their stories, Nokuthula Mavuso came with the answer. The talented actress has been a victim herself, and she knows very well how these things go, more so when you are in the public eye. Nokuthula said that reporting at the police station sometimes is pointless, because the officers will be asking about your work, autographs, among other things. The fact that you are reporting a fellow actor also takes its toll on you, because your business will go straight to the tabloids.

At the moment, Nokuthula is not ready to disclose the name of her abuser, but she said in time she will.

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