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Amanda du-Pont’s Husband Shawn Rodriques Speaks Out After Heartbreaking Rape Revelation

Amanda du-Pont’s Husband Shawn Rodriques Speaks Out After Heartbreaking Rape Revelation. When anything bad happens to your spouse, you are bound to feel something. No one would want to see the love of their live go through the most and just watch as a bystander. This is why Shawn Rodriques has decided to speak out after his wife publicly revealed a past sexual abuse experience.

A day ago, Amanda du-Pont took to social media to reveal that she experienced rape and sexual abuse at the hands of her former lover, Jub Jub. The talented actress and media personality had no choice but to set matters straight after Jub Jub’s interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG. On the interview which was broadcast on Channel O, Jub Jub, claimed that he and Amanda were a couple and they parted ways because Kelly Khumalo used muthi to lure him into a relationship. The controversial Uyajola 9/9 presenter kept on speaking so low of Amanda, saying he ‘smashed her.’

A number of people showed support and empathy to Amanda, and believed her side of events. One of those who has just spoken is the most important person in her life, her husband Shawn Rodriques.

Shawn tagged Jub Jub on his Insta stories with this message, “@official_jubjub f* you pig. I can’t wait until you f*ing burn in hell.”

It looks like Jub Jub, thought the interview will put him up there with fans, as it was all about exposing celebrities. Little did he know that how he spoke about women was going to land him in trouble. Another celebrity Masechaba Khumalo has also alleged that Jub Jub rapped her while they were dating back then. As we speak Moja Love TV channel has suspended him, and distanced themselves from anything he said in the interview.

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