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Khuli Chana Stands By His Wife Lamiez After She Was Body Shamed for Wearing Shorts

Khuli Chana Stands By His Wife Lamiez After She Was Body Shamed for Wearing Shorts. The thing about bullies and body shamers is that they still come for you no matter how unproblematic you are. Just a few weeks ago one photographer shared a picture of Makhadzi’s thighs on social media with the aim of humiliating her. The picture showed the talented singer’s inner thighs as she was in the middle of a performance.  His joke didn’t land though as masses of people came through to stand by Makhadzi.

Once again, another female celebrity gets bullied over the clothes she chose to wear. Lamiez Holworthy is trending, simply because she rocked some cute shorts to work, gigs and went on to share the pictures on social media. The DJ and media personality was asked to stop wearing shorts by a catfish account using the identity of ChrisExcel @chrisExcel102. Lamiez, however stoop up for herself and told the tweet who is hiding behind a fake account off.

Always these fake accounts trying to project their own insecurities on others. Well Mo Nna ke stop station ge! I’m an African woman and will be damned by your fucked up standards,” Lamiez said.

She also shared how a security lady at work reacted when she saw her rocking shorts. According to Lamiez, the lady complimented her on her beauty, but went on to throw shade about her wearing shorts as a thick woman. This also did not sit well with Lamiez who put the lady in her place with a lethal clap back.

As much as people have an opinion about her choice of clothing, Lamiez is not fazed by the criticism. In fact the most important person in her life, Khuli Chana finds her attractive in shorts. The award winning rapper took to Twitter to compliment his wife after she shared a video of herself rocking shorts and dancing while at it!

Lamiez also received massive support from other tweeps, who don’t understand why she always gets dragged when she is all abut positive vibes.

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