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Tshepi Vundla Deletes Account After Getting Fetched For Her Old Tweets

Tshepi Vundla Deletes Account After Getting Fetched For Her Old Tweets. It is always advisable for social media users to look back at the cringe worthy posts they used to share, and delete them immediately. A lot of people have lost potential jobs as well as other opportunities simply because of the content they used to post. One can think of Miss SA hopeful Bianca Schoombee whose old racist tweets forced her to pull out of the competition, even though she started out as a fan favorite.

After this incident a lot of people vowed that they will delete their old social media posts that might get them in trouble. Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi also took to social media to apologize for whatever she shared when she was young and didn’t know any better. A few months ago, Anele Mdoda was also fetched for a tweet she posted six years ago.

Another celebrity who has just gotten in trouble over what she posted years ago is Tshepi Vundla. The social media influencer and celebrity stylist made breaking news a day ago, after a clip of her bashing women who financially depend on men emerged. Tshepi said women should be the one spoiling themselves, or at least ask assistance from their parents than expecting men to maintain them.

This topic was discussed on the season finale of On The Table podcast, where Tshepi was a guest. Although some people agreed with her views, there were those who dragged Tshepi for days. She was called a spoilt brat, who speaks from a place of privilege.

Some tweeps went on to dig out Tshepi’s old tweets, which left many shocked. Among those tweets, was when Tshepi posted in April 2014 that she wasn’t happy with walking in on her helper using her toilet. On other tweets, Tshepi points out that she hates fat people, and continues to shade them on their dressing and eating habits. This landed her in more hot water, and she has since deleted her Twitter account.





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