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Nambitha Mpumlwana Asks For Help After Uber Accuses Her of This

Nambitha Mpumlwana Asks For Help After Uber Accuses Her of This. Uber has become one of the most common service providers that people use when it comes to seeking transport. If you don’t have your own ride, or can’t use your car fro some reason, you just call ans Uber, and they take you to your destination of choice.

Having noted that though, it is not always a pleasant ride for some people. A lot of people mostly women have complained about rude drivers, and sometimes the abuse that they go through from some drivers. There are also scary incidents of rape and being kidnapped, while using Uber services.

Back in April, Bahumi Mhlongo took to social media to explain why she had to turn her Uber ride away.After realizing that the driver didn’t match the face on the app, the actress and reality TV star became worried. To make her suspicions even more higher, when Bahumi called the number on the app, it went through to a different person.

Sometimes though it is the Uber drivers, or even the company itself complaining about their customers. One customer who recently received a complaint is Nambitha Mpumlwana. The veteran actress, presenter and producer got an e-mail from Uber where they stated that, she recently used one of their rides without wearing a mask.

Although these re some serous accusations, it is quite funny at how Nambitha took the whole thing. She shared a video of herself wearing a transparent face shield, that she always wears when she is outside. On the video Nambitha asked her followers, if she should complain, or do something as this will definitely affect her rating. Some of her followers suggested that she wears a face mask covering both the mouth and nose, because they do a better job than a face shield.

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