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Lesego Tlhabi Calls Out Men Who Label Women Gold Diggers

Lesego Tlhabi Calls Out Men Who Label Women Gold Diggers. ‘Gold digger’ and ‘slay queen’, are some of the terms that many give to women who prefer a certain type of lifestyle. This happens mostly if these ladies receive money and gifts from their partners to maintain the soft life. Lesego Tlhabi noticed that there is something about those who complain and call these women names.

The Trending SA presenter says only men with actual gold to dig have no time to worry about “gold diggers”. But those who are financially struggling will always have something negative to say about women who love champagne and go on oversees trips.

Men with actual gold to dig spend absolutely zero time worrying about “gold diggers”. You and your 5 friends go out and share a hubbly and a bucket of 10 beers but you think women who love champagne and overseas trips are trying to get at you?! Hahaha stfu,” Lesego said.

There are some people under the impression that all women who love the finer things in life prefer rich older men. This became a thing since 2016, when the blesser and blessee wave got popular. This is a form of transactional sex in which older rich men (“blessers”) tend to entice young women (“blessees”) with money and expensive gifts in exchange for sexual favors.

Although this might be true with some ladies, not everyone who is living life on the soft side, is using men. In actual fact, there are some ladies who fund their extravagant lifestyle, and there are also some men who don’t mind spoiling their significant others.

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