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“She Might Be Called a Homewrecker But She’s Not,” Phindile Gwala On her Imbewu Character

“She Might Be Called a Homewrecker But She’s Not,” Phindile Gwala On her Imbewu Character. You can never really understand why people do the things they do until you walk a mile in their shoes. This exactly the point that Phindile Gwala is trying to drive home when she explained the character she plays on e.tv telenovela, Imbewu.

The talented actress plays Fikile on the popular weekly show. Many people regard Fikile as a home wrecker, because when she came to town she found Nkululeko Bhengu still in a relationship with Zethu, who was also pregnant with their baby at the time. Now Nkululeko has left his baby mama and is madly in love with Fikile. What happened to Zethu sadly happens to a lot of women across the world. As the person who plays the role of Fikile, Phindile is here to share the side of what is normally referred to as ‘the other woman’.

Phindile explained that Zethu messed up, causing Nkululeko to find love in the hands of Fikile. She went on to urge society to not force people to spend their lives with partners they don’t love, for the mere fact that there are kids involved.

She might be called a homewrecker but she’s not. The baby mama messed up, the man was fed up and he moved on. She’s loved by the man, she loves and supports the man, she even loves the man’s child… If society doesn’t force people to spend their lives with the people they don’t love just because there are kids involved, the world would be a better place… Ngathi abakwamfana abamthandi kodwa usisi 😂😂😂 Watch as the story unfolds🤗 #Fikile #Imbewu,” Phindile said.

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