10 Most Expensive Private Schools In South Africa (2021)

10 Most Expensive Private Schools In South Africa (2021). When it comes to which school they send they children to, parents consider a number of factors. It can be safety issues, location of the school, the school’s pass rate, the reputation of the school among so many reasons.

Some parents prefer for their kids to attend expensive schools. Normally because of less number of students means better attention by teachers. There is also comfortable luxurious seating arrangements as well as company of equal status class mates, which is supposed to develop high society culture. Some also belief that costlier means better stuff i.e. in terms of education and teaching standard.

If you are all about expensive schools for your children, then check out these top 10 most expensive private schools around South Africa. Just like in 2020, Kearsney College ranks as the most expensive day school in the country. It boast an annual tuition fee of just under R200,000, up 4.5% from 2020.

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