10 Tips To Set Up A Homeschooling Programme For Your Child

10 Tips To Set Up A Homeschooling Programme For Your Child. With the coronavirus spreading at an alarming rate, the South African government has taken the initiative to close schools until further notice. Parents and guardians are left with no choice but too home school their children.

The following tips can help you educated your children for the period of schools being closed.

1. Don’t think that because you didn’t like school, didn’t do well, or you don’t’ have a college degree that you can’t homeschool. Some of the very best homeschooling parents were lucky to graduate from high school.

2.  Just forget trying to duplicate a classroom environment, school schedule, and curriculum in your home. There’s nothing sacred about sitting at desks, having set amounts of time per subject, or using only textbooks.

3. At the beginning of the school year, get your feet wet gently. Begin with just one subject for the first week. Add the second subject the next week and another subject or two the third week. This helps ease everyone back into the school year.

4. Your role will be as a facilitator to your child’s learning.  There’s no need to lecture, and very often you’ll find yourself learning something new right alongside your child.

5. Connect with other homeschooling families. It won’t take long before much of your social life involves them because, like you, they won’t be tied to a school calendar and will be available for activities, field trips, and dinner together because you have the gift of time to do those things.

6. There’s no need to do every subject every day! Keep in mind that normal schools offer music once a week, maybe twice. Science is taught only two or three days a week, and the same goes for history, geography, social studies, foreign language and more.

7. The importance of reading and math can’t be overemphasized. They’re the keys to everything else your kids will learn. Do everything in your power to develop strong readers and little mathematicians. Read aloud to your kids through their entire school life, even into high school.

8. This is your school. If you want to spend an entire day playing math games and then going for a nature walk, do it! The flexibility and spontaneity are part of the adventure.

9. Once you get inside the homeschooling ‘inner circle’, you’ll be amazed at the resources available to you! You’ll begin learning about these resources from local homeschooling email loops, Facebook groups, forums, and more!  Jump in and enjoy!

10  The world is your classroom! Use it! Track down every resource available. Plan family vacations that will reinforce what your kids have been learning.

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