10 Tips To Improve Your High School Math Grade

10 Tips To Improve Your High School Math Grade. A number of students fail to do well in Matric because of math. Some don’t even go past grade 11. The following tips can help you enjoy the subject and do well come exam time.

1. Do Your Homework

Don’t ever think of homework as a choice. It’s the most important way that students practice and master the concepts taught in class. Set up a regular time and place that make doing the homework feel automatic.

2. Do Not Miss Class

Math class moves fast, teaching a new concept every day. What students do today builds towards tomorrow. Math punishes absences; to keep up, students have to make time to come back and learn what they missed. So try as hard as possible to not bunk a math class.

3. Establish A Good Relationship With Your Teacher

High school teachers have many students, so it’s important to distinguish yourself. During the first week of school, introduce yourself. Let your teacher know that you are interested in her class, and welcome the opportunity to learn. Ask questions that show you’re paying attention.

4. Analyze and Understand Every Mistake

Many students want to pass over a mistake made on homework or a test, to just let it go. But it’s important to fix mistakes and understand why they were made; otherwise we’re doomed to repeat them. Take time to figure out the thinking behind a mistake, and figure out how to do it right. Ask the teacher if you’re unclear.

5. Master A Mathematical Topic Before moving On To The Next

In math courses, the topics you learn will be cumulative. This means that’s it’s almost impossible to understand a more complex math concept without understanding the more basic concepts that came before. Read and re-read the book examples, watch any accompanying DVD or online videos, and ask your teacher for help if you’re struggling to understand a topic

6. Ask Questions

Questions are the vehicle by which we learn. If you have one, ask it. Chances are that many of your students have the same question. Saying it out loud will help you, your classmates, and the teacher. Asking good questions is a lifelong skill, and school is a safe place to practice. The more questions we ask, the easier it gets.

7. Have Basic Skills

To be successful, students must be able to answer some sums correctly in their sleep. The multiplication tables are the basis for most high school math problems. If your child doesn’t know them, practice! Make flash cards, buy a computer program, and practice, practice, practice.

8. Pay Attention and Participate In Class

Listen to the concepts your teacher explains in class and follow along when they show problems on the board. Being an active participant will show your teacher you’re engaged and making an effort to learn. You’ll pick up more math skills and knowledge, and start performing better on homework and tests. Plus, you’ll start to enjoy math more

9. Find A Friend To Be Your Study Partner

Find a friend you can study with. A good friend will also take good notes when you’re gone and will call to fill you in on the homework. This is good practice for the real world, where building positive relationships is necessary to thrive. In more advanced classes, it’s a good idea to build a study group to practice for tests.

10. Get Help Fast

If you realize that something is difficult, kindly seek as much help as possible as quickly as possible. Teachers are very receptive to requests for extra help. Straighten out misunderstandings before they start to snowball.

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