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7 Interesting Facts About Black Friday

7 Interesting Facts About Black Friday. Black Friday is here and what many can think about is shopping. But just for a moment, check out these interesting facts about the much loved shopping day.

1. How The Name Came About

You probably heard “Black Friday” originated from an accounting term: the day retailers’ profits finally went into the black. The name really came from Philadelphia cops who were frustrated with traffic and smog caused by the mass of shoppers. Retailers didn’t like the negative connotation, so they spread the accounting rumor. 

2. Black Friday Can Be Deadly

You may have joked about toy rage and trampling before, but the scary, sad fact of the matter is people actually have died shopping on Black Friday. If you’re nervous about battling it out in the stores, then Cyber Monday might be more your scene.

3. It’s Not Just on Friday Anymore 

Several years ago, stores started kicking off their Black Friday sales a day early. Many stores hold Black Friday sales all weekend, and for those shoppers who’d rather not venture into a store at all, there are plenty of deals to be found online.

4. It Might Not Be the Cheapest Day of the Year

You’ll find plenty of bargains on Black Friday, but don’t automatically assume everything is at its lowest price. The cheapest day of the year may be later in the holiday shopping season. Before you buy, check out our comprehensive guide for the best time to buy just about anything.

5. Millennials are the Biggest Black Friday Shoppers

Would you have guessed millennials are the generation most devoted to Black Friday? We wouldn’t have. Technically, the group that spent the most were older millennials and younger Gen X-ers (35-44 years old). That probably shouldn’t come as too great a surprise, since that’s also prime parenting age for younger children.

6. Most Shoppers Actually Stay Home

Thanks to Internet, shoppers can to take advantage of Black Friday deals without leaving their homes. If you only go for the bargains, and not for the Black Friday experience, you might as well stay home and shop online.

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