10 Ways To Make A Living When Disabled

10 Ways To Make A Living When Disabled. Disability is by no means inability. A lot of disabled people out there have found ways to make a substantial living. Assuming that the disability is physical – this only eliminates jobs requiring physical effort. Anything else is still open to you.

1. Work From Home

Many disabled people find working from home easier than traveling to an office. The internet allows more and more people with disabilities to earn a living from home. Most at-home jobs require a basic degree of computer literacy and self-discipline. You can work from home as a call center and customer service representatives or an affiliate marketer.

2. Start Freelancing

More and more employers are open to the idea of taking on remote workers, meaning you can work from the comfort of your own home. One of the great things about freelancing is you will be able to work as and when fits your schedule, which can be especially beneficial for someone with a disability.

3. Do A Translation Job

Don’t let your college degree or work experience go to waste. If you’re good at helping students and teaching, you can become an online tutor. Online tutoring is much like getting a teaching job at a school. There are sites dedicated specifically for finding online tutoring jobs. You simply register for a teaching profile on these sites and help students with their studies.

4. Do A Translation Job

Know a second language? Then you can do translation jobs. This involves translating documents, articles, and even eBooks from one language to another. You can find various translation jobs online by browsing sites dedicated to translators. Landing the first couple of jobs will be tough, but after that, it will be like a walk in the park.

5. Write A Blog

There are blogs that actually pay you to write articles for them. If you’re skilled at writing and have a way with words, you can write online. Even if you haven’t written any content before, you can start writing for blogs without past experience.

6. Get A Social Media Gig

If you love using Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and know your way around these platforms, then you can make money from these skills.Most small brands and entrepreneurs often don’t have the time to invest in managing their social media accounts. So they hire people to manage the different social media accounts for them.

7. Become A Voice Over Artist

If you have a great voice and good grasp of English speaking, then this could be a great career path for you. Voice-over artist gigs involve lending your voice for video and audio content. For example, you’ll get hired by podcasters to do ad bites for their advertisers, you’ll get hired by video content creators to create introductions, and there are many other possibilities.

8. Sell Things

Through the internet it is very easy to sell things you no longer want or need. If you have a taste for crafts, you could even make your own things and start selling them online. This could be the beginning of a lucrative business. If you would prefer to sell to people in person, why not hold regular car boot sales? This is a great way to get to know new people too.

9. Join A Customer Service Team

Customer service jobs are quite easy. You simply work as a representative of a company and respond to customer inquiries and questions related to sales and technical aspects. Although, finding these jobs is the difficult part because there’s aren’t many.

10. Take Surveys Online

Another way for anyone with a disability to make a living is to take surveys online. There are numerous websites that will give you points if you take surveys and polls. You can then convert these points into withdrawable cash. Make sure you research the sites first so you can be sure they are genuine and that they pay quickly.

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