10 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone. There is always that excitement when one has to buy a new phone. Before the excitement takes over, you need to sit down and have a look at the following tips before deciding which phone to go for.

1. Budget

How much you have an are willing to spend is the most important thing. Smartphones cost an arm and a leg nowadays. Even if you have money, the phone you intend to buy has to be worth every cent. So shop around for a better deal.

2. The Camera

If you like sharing pictures with friends and family, make sure you’re buying a phone with a good camera. Most of the more expensive phones the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X are particularly adept at taking pictures in low light, too, which means you’ll still get good pictures in a dim restaurant without the flash. Budget phones don’t usually have great cameras, so consider spending a bit more if this is important to you.

3. The Battery

You obviously want a phone that’s going to last all day, if possible. The biggest complaint that people always say is that their smartphones are “always dead.” If you’re in this bunch, consider a smartphone with a fast charging battery. Most Android smartphone makers include the special chargers that can juice up a battery to at least a half charge in just minutes. Or, if you own an iPhone, consider buying an iPad charger to get more juice.

4. Memory And Storage

Having more internal storage allows you to keep more videos, programs, and contacts in your phone. Having more memory means you’ll have a lot more power in terms of daily use. That is why why phones that have more storage cost more.

5. The Brand

If you can, do a bit of research on the company that makes the smartphone. Apple, Samsung, LG and most other household names are safe bets. Others companies, which often sell more “affordable” flagship smartphones, have come under fire for various reasons.

6. Age

Ideally, you will get a phone that is as close to brand new as possible. However, this isn’t always doable because people have budgets and buying a smartphone is pretty pricey. Your goal should be to find a phone that’s as close to new, but also within your price range.

7. Accessories

Some people think about the kind of accessories that you want to pick up. People who like unique phone cases typically will enjoy iPhones in their pockets due to the massive array of different case options they can enjoy. Folks who want to ensure that they always want to have a charger on hand might do well with an older Samsung.

8. Size Of The Screen

Screen size is another factor. Some folks like larger screens, others like smaller ones. If you’re looking into buying a smartphone, you might want to look for one that has a screen size that makes you feel comfortable.

9. Processor

It’s no secret that some phones are faster than others. If you’re looking for speedy computing power, then you’re going to need to find a smartphone that has a better processor than others.

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