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10 Reasons Why Being A Late Bloomer Is Not Really A Bad Thing

10 Reasons Why Being A Late Bloomer Is Not Really A Bad Thing. Its not always cool being the underdog, the ugly ducking, the one who never seemed like you’d get your act together. Everyone banked on you either never being successful, attractive, or interesting in any way. But now look at you. You’re starting to get there. You know what you want. You’re figuring it out. You might not be on the same level as everyone who peaked in high school but that’s okay. Here’s some awesome benefits of being a late bloomer.

1. You Have An Endless Amount Of Patience

The consequence of being behind everyone else is that all the big milestones in your life will happen slower than everyone else, too. In high school,  after college, you are the last one to get a job. But you know what? When you live your whole life as a late bloomer, you stop worrying about the timing of it and trust that it’ll happen when it happens.

2. You Always Work Harder To Prove Yourself

You’re always working hard, always running on whatever you’ve got left, always trying to prove everybody wrong about you even when you’re on par with everyone else. It makes you a contender. You’re ready to fight for anything you want, harder than anybody expects.

3. People Totally Respect Your Mindset

You really come to appreciate the friends who respected your boundaries back when they existed, even if they were a little bit out of the norm. Be grateful when your friends never pressured you to drink or poked fun at you about your relationship wariness or any of the things you ares sensitive about

4. You Have Empathy

You are fully aware of how cruel your peers can be when they feel like you’re not doing something fast enough, and will therefore never be that mean to someone else, even if you think they’re developing slowly.

5. You Don’t Measure Your Life By Numbers

You know that someone is not defined by the milestones they have and haven’t hit by a certain age. Even if someone is still, say, a virgin, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to have a real relationship and care for their partner.

6. You Get Saved From Dangerous Situations

Even though some people treat certain rites of passage as exclusive clubs, you’ve never been one to do that. You might not have been a cool girl because you didn’t develop a chest at 15, but that means that you won’t have a “cool girl” mentality about other women who aren’t dressing the “adult” way at 25.

7. You Don’t Strive To Fit In

Because the world was a different place before and after you bloomed, you have more of an appreciation than most for just being “normal.”

8. Develop New Relationships

If you hang out with the same people every single day, you could be hindering your capacity to grow in new ways. Coming in contact with people who have opposing views to yours can expand what you think is possible for yourself and the world.

9. You Get In Touch With Your Introspective Side

Late bloomers are often deep, reflective thinkers. They often have the tendency to try to control more aspects of life than their peers. You are likely a clever person; find a way to use your reflective nature to your advantage.

10. You Enjoy Your Successes

Because it has taken you a long time to achieve your goals, you probably know what you are doing far more than those who got there earlier. People may start to come to you for help as they notice your experience and knowledge. You have taken the time to think deeply about life. Further, you have reached your own conclusions rather than just adopting those of others.

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