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Improve Your Decision Making Skills With These 5 Tips

Improve Your Decision Making Skills With These 5 Tips. Decision making is a key skill in the workplace and is very important if you want to be an effective leader. The ability to make a good decision with all the available information is very vital. There is no single formula that one can use in all situations because all situations present different challenges.

1. Set Up a Positive Decision- Making Environment

Do not let personal agendas get in the way of making sound decisions. Always keep the object in mind and focus on achieving it, this will drive the direction or effectiveness of your decisions. Decisions should be made in harmony and respect to all involved.

2. Investigate the Situation in Detail

Before you can begin to make a decision, you need to make sure that you fully understand your situation. It may be that your objective can be approached in isolation, but it’s more likely that there are a number of interrelated factors to consider. Changes made in one department, for example, could have knock-on effects elsewhere, making the change counter-productive.

3. Weigh the Solutions

Consider the risk, consequence(s) and practicality of each possible solution. Begin your pruning; get rid of all other solutions that seem to have lost some value during the evaluation process.

4. Explore Your Options

When you’re satisfied that you have a good selection of realistic alternatives, it’s time to evaluate the feasibility, risks and implications of each one. Almost every decision involves some degree of risk

5 Select the Best Solution

Once you’ve evaluated the alternatives, the next step is to make your decision. If one particular alternative is clearly better than the rest, your choice will be obvious. However, if you still have several competing options, there are plenty of tools that will help you decide between them.

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