10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be The Other Woman

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be The Other Woman. You have probably heard the saying, there are fewer men than women. Henceforth men take this advantage and have small houses. Most of these man are married with children. Before you spend another day with a married man – STOP! Please spend the next 5 minutes reading the disadvantages below.  This will make you think twice or help you tremendously in getting out from being stuck in that toxic relationship.

1. The reality of the matter is he is married, he has that big wedding photo hanging on the wall in his home that’s just plainly sickening to you.

2. He is with his wife every night or most of the time and he could just be forced to do some ‘husband obligation’ with her tonight, tomorrow, or the next day .

3. Your emails or messages to him can be used as reference and proof if the wife decides to sue you one day.

4. If you end up marrying him, expect some forever guilt, and be insecure of ‘the other woman’. If he cheated with you, he is bound to cheat on you.

5. If your relationship born out of an affair happens to survive, you will have to face the mother-in-law horror, she will take the ex wife’s side.

6. You could get pregnant with a kid looking just like the married man who you will eventually hate. Talk about reminding you every day of your mistake.

7. The chance of him getting caught is bigger than you thought, especially with the help of softwares and private investigators. She might even use video cameras to catch him red handed with you in it. Again, it’s Facebook and YouTube time!

8. When you manage to take a weekend away with him expect him on the phone with his wife constantly to ruin your mood completely.

9. He will blurt out his wife’s name by mistake in the worst time ever.

10. He will always compare you with his wife on just about everything.

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