10 Quick Tips That Will Help You Get Hired Fast

Few people want to wait that long to find a new job. If your current position is unbearable  (you hate your boss, your company is massively dysfunctional, your commute is killing , feeling that you’re at the mercy of the job market can be incredibly frustrating. If you’re out of work, waiting months to find a job may not even be an option. In either case, you need a new job, and you needed it yesterday. Follow the following 10 tips in order to get hired fast.

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1. Time your search right

Some seasons are more favorable for job searchers than others. Obviously, if you need work right away, you don’t have the luxury of waiting to look for a job. But if you’re itching for a change, you might want to start your search at a time of year when companies are more likely to be looking for new employees.

2. Let people know you’re looking

Don’t hesitate to make your job search public. Personally reach out to former co-workers and others in your network (both online and in real life) and ask for a favor that might help move your job search along.

3. Show employers what you’ve done

You know that “goals and objectives” statement at the top of your resume? Skip it, say experts. Your goal is obvious, after all – you want a job. Instead, use a summary statement that focuses on your past accomplishments. Show hiring managers and interviewers what you’ve done in the past and how that will make you a better employee for them.

4. Volunteer

One reason that volunteering may so useful for young people looking for a job is that it demonstrates to employers that they have specific job-related skills – skills they may not be developing in college.

5. Clean up your social media

You should really know this by now, but here’s a reminder just in case you forgot: There’s a very good chance your potential employer is checking out your social media profiles. Forty-three percent of employers are researching candidates on social media, according to a CarrerBuilder survey. If they don’t like what they see, it could cost you the job.

6. Be Yourself

Rehearsed answers, fake smiles, and saying what you think the interview wants to hear instead of what you actually believe, mislead the employer. Employers want to know who they hired, and that’s the person they expect to show up for the first day of work.

7. Dress like a manager or a successful person in your profession

Maybe appearances shouldn’t matter so much, but they do. The first few minutes of an interview are when you get to make that critical first impression. Be sure you’re dressed appropriately for the type of job and company you’re applying to. Here’s appropriate interview attire  for a variety of different jobs and work environments.

8. You should send a thank you note after a job interview..

It’s important to follow-up after a job interview. It’s a way to show your appreciation for being considered for the job. It’s also a way to reiterate your interest and share anything you neglected during the interview. Here’s how to say thank you for a job interview , along with sample thank you notes and email message.

9. Don’t stop applying for jobs

While you are waiting to hear back from an employer. Most job seekers are rejected by over 15 employers before landing a job.  Learn from your mistakes, and keep applying until you get the right offer.


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