Unrest? By Masesebe Waa Ramahuma

Just before dawn that  obsession decided to resurrect.
Just before dawn that chapter capable of leaving me Emotionally *drained* was written.
Just before dawn my African pride decided to vanish.
Just before dawn a heavily pregnant woman couldn’t answer an African child saying….
Mama,So-we-to ?

Is maar nit, their poverty my kind.
Is maar nit,  excessive societal inequality my child. Is maar nit, Go nkga  Xenophopia ngwanaka.
Is maar nit, An African from the other Africa is a threat to someone My kind.

But Mama, So-we-to?

Just before dawn, I knew that not all of us feel African EVERY DAY.
Just before dawn, I sensed brutality wrapped in diluted Ubuntu.
Just before dawn, i couldn’t understand
the impotence of Oneness…
Just before dawn, I sang a song called why Ma-Afrika?
Just  before dawn, No one answered when i asked,
So-we-to ?

Is maar nit, whatever float my boat is mine and mine alone, But i am not selfish.
Is maar net, whatever  helps me to sleep
better at night is mine and mine alone, But i not self centered
Is maar nit, whatever makes them successful in business is ours , so why are they selfish?
Is maar nit, black on black crimes are a family matter.. But for now tell me,

Just before dawn, I couldn’t  redefine xenophobia, its just a community unrest.
Just before dawn, I couldn’t redefine Xenophopia, it’s just a sleepless sorrow.
Just before dawn, I met yummy Mr deafening agony…..

Hey Sexy,  So-we-to?


By Masesebe Waa Ramahuma


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