Ways To Make Your Business Plan Stand Out



Business is getting tougher by the day not only because you get new competitors every now and then but also because it’s getting harder to sell your idea to potential customers and investors. There are a couple of ways you can make your business stand out and be ahead of all the others.

Solve a Problem

Your business needs to focus on solving a problem that exists in your market, have a creative way of solving it and solving it differently from all the other businesses that are in the same market.

Customer Service

The best way to get word of mouth advertising and marketing is through the best customer service. Always try to over deliver on your first customer contact. Give them something more than you promised and definitely more than what the expected from your business, give them a gift with your branding and maybe a free service to make them come back for more.


You can’t always be Jack Of All Trades, it’s better to be the master of one than to be still trying to master a million. Pick a niche and stick to it. This way you’ll be more appealing to a specific target market that will stick to your business because you excel at what you are doing instead of trying to do everything.

Illustrate what makes your business special

Your business may over services that a number of other businesses may be offering as well the only way to stay different and ahead is to illustrate what makes your business special. Show customers that your business is better than next rival because of ABC and you should do business with us because DEF its good to have a differential it’s even better for customers to know what that differential is.

Use a Different Format

You need to find a creative way to present your business strategy and market analysis. Use PowerPoint presentations etc. graphics and colour with bold wording that is quick to read attracts people’s attention quicker compared to sitting in a meeting and reading a 10 page long presentation.

Provide clear, thorough financial data

Potential investors need to know what they are investing on and how much they’ll have to invest in the different areas of your business. It’s good to have all the financial details in place so they don’t have to ask too many questions.


Guarantee your investors that this is the best business to invest their money in. Be bold and confident in your business and guarantee that your business will yield the best results and makes business sense!

Be realistic

You should always be honest with yourself in your business plan and with your investors. Be aware of all the challenges you may face when starting out and also focus on the opportunities that will be available. If you’ve got a strong idea, let it stand on its merit.


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