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Kutlwano Kemisho Interview

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We had an interview with Kutlwano Kemisho a young lady who is currently in the male dominated industry of  mobile and web development to find out more about her career and what drives her. Enjoy!

YV: Who is Kutlwano Kemisho?

Kutlwano Kemisho: I’m a lover of things technology; Innovation. I am very much passionate about technology and the changes it brings in our lives. Mobile and web applications are my first love. I call myself a solution finder and a problem solver.

YV: What inspired you to become a Developer ?

Kutlwano Kemisho: The very first time I got to encounter myself with the PC hands on, that is when I knew that I had to do something that is of computer related. I didn’t do any computer subject at school but I am very thankful for my parents to have registered me for a short computer course while I was still doing Grade 11. Truthfully, I wanted to do Climatology but having to have done that computer course, I fell in love with computers.

YV: What are some of the challenges you are faced as a developer in a male dominated field?

Kutlwano Kemisho: Guys do things differently. I mean, they spend days staring at their computers, they don’t eat well or even shower! Well, that’s for computer geeks. The challenge, had to be adapting to that life – but of course I showered. Literally having no social life, sleepless nights and eating takeouts all the time. I guess it paid off at the end.

YV: You won an award for the best female hacker at the Random Hacks of Kindness coding hackathon this year what do you attribute this award to?

Kutlwano Kemisho: To all the young and upcoming developers – love what you do. Those sleepless nights will definitely pay off. Continue to use tool like You Tube, IT blogs, research and research. You are never “too ambitious”, you just know what you want in life.

YV: You are have involved extensively in career guiding girls to pursue careers in the web and mobile development space. Why is it important to you for girls to pursue careers in these fields?

Kutlwano Kemisho: These are scarce skills and the number of females that are qualified or pursing these careers is way less. It would be super awesome if we get more females actually having to develop some cool software that is of personal to them. Take for instance your “Menstruation cycle” apps, “make-up” apps and so on. It shouldn’t be only about dominating in the men’s field but also about having fun while you work.

YV: You are also involved with Geekulcha. Please tell us about Geekulcha and what is your role in the movement?

Kutlwano Kemisho: Geekulcha is where the young, skilled, creative and ambitious tech minds meet to connect with each other, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, network with industry leaders, obtain training to further improve and enhance their skills and to put that newly acquired skill to work. I am more involved in the web development movement at Geekulcha but obviously not shying away for mobile development. I am also involved in community outreach, which is also one of the things Geekulcha is involved in. We went to Limpopo this year during the National Science Week to teach and share out knowledge about the IT field. We also had an opportunity to being part of the TUT open day in Soshanguve.

YV: What projects are you currently working on at the moment?

Kutlwano Kemisho: I am currently working on a project that I won the best female hacker at the Random Hacks of Kindness for. It has an opportunity to become more than just a prototype so we are busy with a potential client which we hope that soon it will be on the market.

YV: Who are some of the young people you look up to?

Kutlwano Kemisho: I have so much respect and love for my Geekulcha crew. I am thankful to have met them because it is because of them that I am able to take my ideas to the next level.

YV: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Kutlwano Kemisho: I’m from a small town in the North West province called Taung. My vision for the next five years is based in my hometown. I have seen a gap, I’d like to change lives in my town, make a difference through technology and innovation. I have several ideas that I have and currently doing research about them so to make sure they are more viable.

YV: What do you do for fun?

Kutlwano Kemisho: I love outdoor activities. I play netball, soccer, I ran and I play cricket. Of course I am not great in everything but I just love an active lifestyle.

YV: What do you look for in a bf?

Kutlwano Kemisho: He has to believe in something, be playful and open minded. Someone I can be best friends with, who is a hard working individual with good manners and definitely not a control freak.

YV: Favourite place to hang out in Pretoria ?

Kutlwano Kemisho: It has to be The Innovation Hub. The whole place is just haven for people in the tech space. One can just be free to do whatever they want, be creative and actually having their ideas come to live.

YV: What music do you listen to?

Kutlwano Kemisho: I am a big fan of pop music and rock music. Other than that, I listen to any genre as long as it is good music.

YV: What advice would you like to give to girls and women who would like to pursue a career in the mobile and web development space?

Kutlwano Kemisho: The best career choice they could ever make. Although I always say; ‘The best thing in life is when you get a chance to do what you love.’ If you get into this IT route with nothing but passion for it, you will definitely go places. You get to be versatile, develop mobile applications that may be on the market, you can either choose to work for someone and be your own boss.

YV: How can people reach you?

Kutlwano Kemisho: Twiiter: @Kuliano_kay

Facebook: (Kutlwano Kemisho)

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