Top 15 Most Memorable South African Advertisements

The best part about growing up was being able to recite every television advertisement as if you were reciting an English speech for marks. For some odd reason knowing almost every advertisement would make you the cool kid amongst all your friends! As much as all these South African advertisements maybe be creative, they’re just as memorable. Here’s a list of the 15 most memorable advertisements made by the best of the best creatives we have.


Oreo Princess

There’s just something so cute about a little girl giving her dad the 411 on how to eat an Oreo. We’ll never forget the “First you twist it, then you lick it, then you put them back together, then you dunk it!” slowly but surely, Oreo is becoming “Everyone’s favourite cookie!” 


Simba Chippie

I wanna be a Simba Chippie! You wanna be a Simba Chippie! Lo we’ve all wanted to be a Simba Chippie because the song was just so damn catchy man! Simba is becoming more creative with their advertisements and also finding a way to involve the whole family with their brilliant products.


Oros- O O O O Oros

Naartjie…Fruit Cocktail!!!…if you say you never tried learning this young giggle you’re definitely lying to yourself and everyone else.

Cremora-On Top!

We all enjoyed saying “It’s not inside of the fridge, It’s on top!” even though you use fresh milk and not Cremora at home.


Lunchbar- Obvious

“Lunchbar” should just replace the word “Obvious” in every South African dictionary already! No honestly, when someone asks the obvious, we say Lunchbar like duh… yeah Lunchbar is the modern duh, haha.



There was just something so fascinating about a random man saying Brrrrrrr after having a sip of Coke. Coke has always been great at their advertisements.


MTN sort of made the word “Ayoba!” the next best word after “Awe!”



Now there’s nothing more embarrassing than a cockroach dancing around when the pastor is visiting you for a cup of tea, actually I lied the more embarrassing part  is when both your parents stand up pretending to dance pulling every dance move out of a 1920s movie in an effort to kill that one small but slightly huge ass roach, lol creative but another funny advertisement from the creatives at Doom.


Coke- Share a Coke with Booby

If your name didn’t get printed on a Coke can or bottle, I’m sorry man. This was Coke’s best idea yet. More people were buying Coke just to have a bottle with their name on it, take a picture then tweet it or insta it, then what? I honestly don’t…Bobby eventually got his name printed on a bottle, this was a great concept. Coke always and I mean always have brilliant advertisements.


DSTV-Nami ngi nayo

Nami Ngi nayo…ridiculously silly but we still love the DSTV advertisements.


KFC-Love Is Forever

It’s so cute when one can grow older with someone and there’s one thing that brings you back together. If that one thing is food, the eyyy why the hell not?

Vodacom-Single Ladies

Vodacom just had to be silly about life. We moved from their Meerkat days to burying ourselves in laughter every time we heard Single Ladies playing on the radio


Do you know your monkey stole my Savanna? Lol Savanna is just crazy man, crazy. I don’t know who comes up with their advertisements, all I have to say is that I love them and that they must keep it up, it works!  It’s dry but we still laugh at it.


Met eish yah, met eish! Mis-communication sometimes brings people closer.


I like this lady. My kinda woman, embarrassing someone for being rude with you is a perfect way to go about things. Joko has always been creative and funny with their advertisements, actually takes me back to the “Listen Baby…” advertisement with the lady cleaning the floor. That was one catchy advertisement as well.

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