Toxic Chemicals Found In Smartphones


Researchers have found that dangerous substances used in phones by manufactures poses a risk to the health of humans and the environment.

The chemical analysis were made using 36 latest smartphones, the mobile phones that were used in the study included iPhone 5, Motorola Citrus, iPhone 4S, and Samsung Galaxy S III and they are all found to be the most poisonous.

“The Motorola Citrus ranked the least toxic phone followed by the iPhone 4 S and the LG Remarq. The new iPhone 5 ranked 5th, versus its primary competitor, Samsung Galaxy S III, which ranked 9th. The most toxic phone tested was the iPhone 2G,” as reported.

According to researchers the harmful elements of mobile phones have been censored for a very long time by the manufacturers and they were seriously posing health problems.

All smart phones that were tested and used in the study have been found to contain lead, bromine, chlorine, mercury and cadmium.

According to even though great technology feels so clean people should know that the ‘clean surface’ hides an interior that is far messier and more toxic.

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