10 Interesting Podcast Ideas to Explore As A Host

10 Interesting Podcast Ideas to Explore As A Host. A lot of people are interested in having their own podcasts. The only trick is, many are not sure which route to take in terms of ideas and topics. Consider the following suggestions and hopefully you will be the next big thing in the field.

1. Music

Are you obsessed with all things music? Explore the life stories of your favorite creators, educate your audience on music theory, or perhaps take call-in guests and suggest new artists based on their current listening habits.

2. Travel

Many people in South Africa love traveling. Our celebrities are forever on vacations having the time of their lives. Capitalize on that by starting a travel podcast. Give tips for packing or traveling on a budget, or you could spend each episode interviewing locals in different tourist destinations for insider tips on what to do when traveling there.

3. Business

Are you interested in entrepreneurial life? Use your podcast for interviewing successful founders and CEOs and getting tips for business success. You might create an educational podcast for people interested in learning more about business in the abstract, from supply-chain management to economic theory. 

4. Finance

If you’re a money nerd, consider catering to audiences who are always trying to learn how to manage their own money better. You could narrow down your podcast topic by making it about how to remodel your house on a budget or how to pay off your debt fast. Or, you could just give general finance tips, and interview experts in the field.

 5. Food

Who doesn’t love to eat? If you could talk about the culinary world all day, consider starting a food podcast. Interview chefs of popular restaurants, teach people how to make different dishes, or explore various cultural cuisines.

6. News and Politics

Are you a news junkie? Or perhaps you’re constantly subjecting your friends to long political rants. Turn that hobby into a money making hustle by starting a podcast discussing all the latest updates in news and politics. Plenty of podcasts are already covering current events, so be sure to find your unique angle to set your podcast apart.

7. Celebrity Interviews

Start a podcast interviewing famous people about their lives if you’ve got the connections. Though even with a good network, it might not be easy to get an in-person interview with a celebrity. The good thing though is that, if you can manage to get one or two A-list celebrities, others will come flooding in.

8. Pop Culture

Countless good podcasts cover the latest developments in fashion, showbiz, and the latest scandal on social media, but no one would approach them entirely as you would. Find a unique spin as the hosts of the insanely popular Podcast and Chill With MacG do, and run with it!

9. Movie or TV Reviews

Everyone’s a critic! If you’re looking for an excuse to see everything that’s released in theaters, start a movie review podcast. Or create a recap series covering your favorite TV show as it airs, complete with predictions about what will happen next.

10. Book Club/Book Reviews

If you’re in love with books, consider starting a podcast book club with your best friend or a rotating slate of guests. You could even interview the authors themselves if you can swing it. You can also take calls from listeners, find out what kinds of books they read, and offer suggestions for their TBR list.

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