How to Feel Comfortable in a Relationship

comfortable couple 11. Make sure you know your opposite sex very well.

Maybe ask them questions or find out from somebody this persons favorite color, candy, football team, music.. etc. Once you know the basics you can start to feel a little bit better.
2. Next, Make sure your relationship is open and trustworthy.

If your having a bad day make sure you can talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend openly about it. Also make sure you are able to open up about past-relationships to your significant other.
3. You need to know how to have your relationship and your friends relationship.

Do not bring a friend on a date. And do not talk too much about your friends to your girlfriend/boyfriend. And do not obsess over your boyfriend/girlfriend. You both need to have your friends which you can hang out with and then other times just you and your girlfriend/boyfriend.
4. For guys only:

Girls like words. Be sweet and mushy but show that you can be serious at times. And try not to be too immature.
5. For girls only:

Guys like a girl who can hang with him and the boys at times. Do not flirt with his friends and do not EVER dump him for his friend


6. The comfort of expression of feeling.
This type of person likes to be able to express and exchange feelings in their own home. They would each have an individual style & preference within this broad range of expression.
7. The comfort of intellectual stimulation.
This type of person likes to be able to talk, think and write in their home. They would each have an individual style or preference within this broad range of intellectual stimulation.
8. This type of person likes a vibrant, positive & inspiring atmosphere in their home and feels comfortable with a certain degree of freedom at all times.

They would each have individual styles within this broad range.
9.For Girls only : Don’t focus on yourself, focus on him or what his doing.
For Boys only : Pay more attention to her than your friends


10. Last but not least, Share a couple secrets about yourself that wont freak out the other girl or boy.
A secret that can be told, not one that will get you dumped. But if the girl or guy asks you, tell the truth and be honest


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