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Tamia Mpisane Pens A Heartfelt Shout Out to Her Firstborn Daughter Miaandy

Tamia Mpisane Pens A Heartfelt Shout Out to Her Firstborn Daughter Miaandy. It’s all joy in the Mpisane household, as Tamia and Andile’s firstborn daughter together enters the terrible twos.

Miaandy introduced Tamia to motherhood two years ago. Her husband Andile already had two girls then with his ex, Sithelo Shozi, before Miaandy. Even though there were two girls before her, Miaandy has never felt loved any less by her doting parents. We can’t forget her homecoming, where her family went all out to welcome her at home. From the moment she left the hospital, cameras started operating, up until she arrived home to the most beautiful nursery. Everything about the ceremony was top notch, and it even made headlines.

To mark her second birthday, mommy dearest went all out with a cool photo shoot. Both mom and daughter rocked matching black leggins and were topless. Tamia expressed how special Miaandy has been from the get go. She them mentioned all the qualities her daughter has, and what she has taught her. Tamia also expressed just how much Miaandy is loved, and how that will never stop.

“As I write this message to you on your second birthday, my heart is filled with love and gratitude. From the moment I first held you in my arms, I knew you were special, a gift from above. Your sweet spirit and fiery determination have captivated my soul in a way I never thought possible.”

You have taught me so much! Your persistence, your will to protect, your determination are all qualities that will serve you well in life. Even at such a young age, you don’t back down and you make your presence known. I am both amazed and inspired by you.

I pray that you will always know how loved you are. You, my child are a true gift, a precious gem that will forever be a part of my heart.

I love you,” Tamia said.

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