Kenny Kunene Intervenes As A Local Primary School Teaches Shona Language

Kenny Kunene Intervenes As A Local Primary School Teaches Shona Language. South Africa has 11 official languages, which are Afrikaans; English; seSotho; seTswana; sePedi; xiTsonga; tshiVenda, isiSwsti, isiNdebele; isiZulu and IsiXhosa. Each language is the first language in the foundation phase, according to the popular language in that particular area.

With that being the case though, apparently there is one primary school that teaches Shona language as a subject. The school in question is Esikhisini Primary School in  in Atteridgeville Saulsville Pretoria in Gauteng. Shona or ChiShona is native to 80 percent of Zimbabwe’s population of about twelve million people. Apparently the school SGB Chairperson is from Zimbabwe, which could be why the language is taught at the school.

One individual who is not impressed by this is Kenny Kunene. The flamboyant businessman and deputy president of the Patriotic Alliance, decided to pay the school a visit. Together with some of his party members, Kunene made sure that the language is no longer taught at the school, and made a call to remove the SGB chairperson. He also stated that Zimbabwean pupils there should be replaced by local students.

“Today we went to Esikhisini Primary School to make sure that Shona is not taught at that school and we also made a call for Chair of SGB who is a Zimbabwean to be removed. Indeed some kids a from Zim and they must be replaced by SA kids. Salute,” Kenny said.

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