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How Sweet! Zahara’s Family Gifts Vusi Nova Some of Her Guitars

How Sweet! Zahara’s Family Gifts Vusi Nova Some of Her Guitars. They had one of the very few genuine celebrity friendships in the country. Vusi Nova and Zahara held it together until death literally did them apart.

Vusi was a very close friend of Zahara for years. They met through a mutual friend, the late presenter Akhumzi Jezile, years ago. They went through a lot together, hot and cold, and their content on social media show how close they were. Vusi and Zahar even have a hit song together,  “Usezondibona.” 

When Zahara was hospitalized a few months back, for liver-related complications, Vusi was among the celebrities who stood by her. The multi platinum selling and award winning artist was hopeful that his friend will get better. Sadly Zahara succumbed to her illness, much to Vusi and the rest of South Africa’s heartache.

 “I miss you already” Vusi posted on Instagram after his friend’s passing.

At Zahara’s memorial service in East London, Vusi delivered a heartfelt tribute to his friend, describing her as unique and exceptional. His words hinted at the depth of their relationship, a bond that transcends the boundaries of life and death.

To keep Zahara forever in Vusi’s memory, the Mkutukana family have decided to gift Zahara’s guitars to Nova. This is a symbol of this unbreakable bond, an emblem of an everlasting friendship that continues to reverberate through Zahara’s strings.

I can’t guys, my heart. So Zahara’s family did one of the most beautiful things ever! They just dropped off some of her collection of guitars and said they know she would have wanted me to have them.🥹 thank you so much!🥹❤️🙏🏾,” Vusi said in appreciation.

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