Elon Musk Once Again Takes On Julius Malema

Elon Musk Once Again Takes On Julius Malema. It looks like the pillow fight between the two men is far from over. Elon Musk and Julius Malema are both influential, so when they have opposing opinions, social media get divided.

Their twar began in August 2023, when Malema led his party on their 10th year anniversary celebrations. Taking to the stage, the EFF leader vowed that the Red Berets would unseat the African National Congress, come the next elections. He also mentioned that Ramaphosa will be jailed for all the wrongs he has been doing.

Malema also sang the infamous Struggle song, “Shoot to kill, kill the Boer, kill the farmer”. This has caused an uproar with many people, including political leaders. Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen said his party would file charges at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

As the debate for the song and it being sang at EFF celebration continue, Elon Musk joined in on the conversation. The wealthiest man in the globe, and Twitter’s now owner said the EFF is openly pushing for genocide of white South Africans. He then tagged president Ramaphosa asking him why isn’t he saying anything.

They are openly pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa. @CyrilRamaphosa, why do you say nothing?,” Elon said.

Malema did not let the fact that Elon owns Twitter intimidate him. He responded by saying the businessman is talking sh!t.

When everyone thought their twar has been buried, Musk has resurfaced, claiming once again that Malema is calling for genocide.

The likely future leader of South Africa calls for genocide of the 4 million whites who live there,” he said.

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