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These 10 Safety Tips Can Safe Your Life This Festive Season

These 10 Safety Tips Can Safe Your Life This Festive Season. The festive season in South Africa is a fun and happy time. Having noted that though, it is also the time when crime and death rates go up. One should really be extra vigilant to avoid being a statistic. The following tips can help you stay safe, while enjoying the holidays.

1. Don’t Reveal Your Plans to Anyone

Don’t let too many people know when you are going on holiday, only those you trust. Because of the excitement, many take to social media to share their plans or location. The information can be used by criminals, and your festive might turn into horror.

2. Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Make sure your doors lock properly and that you have burglar bars. Ensure that your doors are windows are in perfect condition or fixed if they are broken. You can take it a step further by ensuring they are burglar-proof. If your house is broken into, notify the police immediately.

3. Avoid Trouble Spots

There are places notorious for their criminal activities and volatility when it comes to violence. Chances are the crime rates in areas like these may increase during the festive season. Try as much as you can to avoid places like that.

4. Avoid Lonely and/or Dark Spots

Lonely and dark spots are comfortable places for street urchins to lurk around waiting for their next victim. Avoid places like these so you do not risk getting robbed and/or injured. Take an alternative route if there is one but if must pass, do it with some group of people or pass during the day when everywhere is bright.

5. Avoid Late Nights if You Can

Keeping late nights is unavoidable for some people who live in cities with usually heavy traffics. You can put your night crawling skills on hold during the festive season for your own safety and resume when the period is over. There is a reason night time is meant for sleep.  You never know lurks in the shadows. It is better to be safe than sorry.

6. Get an Outing Buddy

The season is noted for a lot of shows and activities to help you let your hair down and unwind. These shows oftentimes go on very late into the night. You might want to attend a few. It is advisable you attend these shows in the company of a friend(s) or family member so that you can look out for each other in case you get so caught up in the moment and do not pay attention to your surroundings.

7. Don’t Pick Fights At Outings

Try by all means to avoid unnecessary facts. Even when provoked turn the other cheek, or better yet, walk away. Many people attend parties with guns, knives and any dangerous weapon you can think of. One misunderstanding with them can take away your life.

8. Be Safe When Traveling

Don’t drink and drive, as this is the number one cause of accidents. Even with a clear head and vision, there is another very important thing you need to stop…SPEEDING! Make sure you buckle up, and observe every road rules.  If you feel tired or restless, pull over at a safe stop and rest for a little while.

9. Take Precautions When Swimming

For some reason, drowning incidents increase during the festive season. If you feel like cooling down during the holidays, only swim in a public pool or sea if there is a lifeguard on duty. Do not allow anyone of any age to swim alone, drowning happens to adults too.

10. Take Care of Kids at Shopping Malls

We are living in an era where child trafficking is rampant. Children are mostly targeted, so when shopping with them, be extra vigilant. Hold your child’s hand and be alert of them at all times. Always accompany them to the bathroom.

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