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10 Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy During School Holidays

10 Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy During School Holidays. December school break, is the longest time we have kids at home. When the mind is not actively engaged in learning, it begins to regress, forgetting skills and information that have previously been learned. Also kids tend to get bored and sometimes engage in unsavory activities. Here is how to help them stay in line, this school break.

1 Create a Schedule for the Day

Children are used to having a routine at school, so establishing one at home makes sense, too. For parents, this can also make the day much more manageable, especially when juggling work and other tasks. Try to create a schedule that works for them and accounts for the various obligations and tasks they need to address. 

2. Keep Them Active

Without school, kids are now out of recess, P.E., and extra-curricular sports. Rather than letting them sit around all day, encourage kids to maintain physical activity. Take a walk as a family, go for a bike ride, or take a virtual Yoga class right in your living room.

3. Take Out Board Games

Playing games helps bring the family closer together and improves family time. Games you can try out include; Ludo, monopoly, scrabbles among so many others. Make it fun, with prizes and awards to win. These games are not only fun, but they also help kids’ brains active.

4. Keep Them Productive

More time at home means more messes. It should be expected that the workload of common household chores will increase during this time. Children should be expected to help out with age-appropriate chores. It may also be a good time to catch up on less common tasks like cleaning out cupboards and pantries or picking up sticks in the yard.

5. Teach Them a New Skill

Since everyone will be spending more time at home, there are many more opportunities to get in the kitchen and do some cooking (or baking)! Take the time to teach your children some new skills and get them helping in the kitchen with meal prep and cooking.

6. Nurture Their Creative Skills

Without school, many kids lose the only creative outlet that they have. Art classes, classroom projects in regular subjects, and music programs are some of the ways that the school system fosters creativity. Creative skills have been shown to promote cognitive learning and develop problem-solving skills. Continuing to encourage creativity while students are out of school can also help fight learner regression.

7. Keep Them Involved With Technology

Technology is very much a part of the world that we live in. Adults without basic skills in typing in common computer programs are often unemployable. Computers have found their way into every industry from business to healthcare, automotive, machining, and more.

8. Encourage Independent Reading

Independent reading can help keep the mind in an active learning state. Go to your local library and check out some books that are age-appropriate and encourage 30 – 60 minutes of independent reading each day. For elementary-aged children, it is good to balance independent reading with time parents spend reading to their child.

9. Switch the TV On

Yes. The kids will probably be watching quite a lot of telly. Don’t feel guilty about it. But you can off-set some of the guilt by encouraging them to watch channels which are both packed with educational programmes which are still entertaining. Also try watching the channels rather than streaming favourite programmes, seeing the presenters in between the programmes can help them feel more connected.

10. Enjoy a Nice Picnic

Picnic time with the family sounds like a great idea. You do not have to spend so much on planning one. Food and drinks can get from the house, games such as ludo and 30 seconds will be perfect. Don’t forget your portable radio to enjoy good music while having a great time.

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